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  The product has a small, lightweight, portable, computer integration, flexible and convenient use of anomaly.t25 nutrition guide The reader is mainly composed of the operator to carry, in a region of the RFID tag information to complete the automatic acquisition or active information acquisition,t25 gamma calendar effective identification distance up to 120m.
   The temperature label: the resistance temperature coefficient, sensitive, high resistivity, small cell size, resistance changes with temperature linearly,t25 workout schedule the temperature measurement range, physical, chemical stability, long-term good reproducibility, high measuring precision, effective identification distance can be up to 0-80m. Tags: labels for the automatic recognition system of development provides a new means for the development of.  t25 calendar Leading technology, the product of the industrial design and outstanding characteristics that provides a new idea in the field of RFID detection of the cold chain, medical, warehouse management.

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